Where do I even begin with these two?! I met Josh…….at some point a few years ago (we still can’t figure out when our first conversation was or when exactly we started hanging out) through church………and we instantly bonded over our music tastes, love for worship, attempts to be fit and healthy, deep talks, and quirky humor. Josh is the type of guy who can make you feel comfortable in any situation, and he knows how to build you up through his affirmations and encouragements. I’ve treasured the friendship I’ve had with him and have really enjoyed seeing his relationship with Ploy develop and grow into what it is today. I still remember the day I asked him if he’d ever consider dating Ploy, because I could just get this vibe from him that she had grabbed his interest (come on – we all know one-on-one’s for purely devotionals are not just for purely devotionals!), and a sense that they would work great as a couple (by the way, this is why Josh chose Bolu as the proposal spot! They used to do their quiet times together here.) Ploy is gentle, creative, intuitive, caring, and extremely down-to-earth. Put the two together, and you have a force to reckon with – extremely hospitable, with such huge hearts for their families, friends, and communities, and so, so intentional. It was such a joy to be a part of such a big moment in their lives. Congrats, lovebirds!!!










Just a fraction of the people who love and support them!

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xx, Kelsey.


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