I often suggest mini sessions for young families since they are perfect for little ones who cannot last a full 45-minute session. Believe me, I’ve seen it all! I adore working with families, but every family photographer knows that it’s all about working with many different ages, personalities, preferences, and moods during the shoot.

The best advice I can give to an emerging family photographer is to be flexible and to be positive. Clients can sense and feed off of your mood if you are tense, stressed, or impatient. Go with the flow, roll with the punches, work around a tantrumming child with other pose variations. For example, if mom needs to comfort the son, then suggest daddy daughter photos or individual shots of the daughters until son and mom are ready to be in the photos again. Reassure the family that this is completely normal and that they’re doing great. Parents can often feel flustered or embarrassed, but we all know that this is a normal part of parenting and having little ones. Normalizing their experience can make them feel more at ease.

Last but not least, let the kids be kids. Celebrate and appreciate their individual personalities and unique characters. If the kid likes to be goofy, let them have the opportunity to shine! Forcing them into uncomfortable, unnatural, forced smile positions can frustrate them and leave you with a very awkward photograph. Engage with them, get them talking about something they like, have them say a funny word instead of “Cheese” that will get them laughing. Those are the most genuine smiles you will ever get!








Hope you found the advice helpful! Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions!

xx, Kelsey.

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