If you haven’t already read Donna and Charles’ proposal story, make sure to check it out here. The surprise proposal begins with this very photoshoot with Donna, disguised as a shoot to “boost my portfolio” as a photographer (I think I used the diversity card?!), which Donna, as the supportive friend she is, agreed to help me out with. We ate brunch at Early Bird Cafe, outfit-changed in the back of her car, dodged many cars while running across a wide main street, and snapped some awesome photos. If you can’t tell from this shoot, Donna is probably the most photogenic person in the world. She makes a photographer’s job the most natural, easy process in the entire world. And those mesmerizing EYES – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! She would later be meeting Charles for a date at the park where his thoughtful proposal adventure would begin! Poor Charles had to wait as we gals took longer than expected with our brunching and shooting.













Also, just so you know, Donna and Charles now share the last name BURKLAND and it is the coolest thing ever. I cannot contain my excitement for these two!

xx, Kelsey

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