When Charles told me he was going to propose to Donna, I flipped out. Donna is one of my dearest, most sincere, genuine, honest, and wise friends. To journey with her from the start of her dating relationship with Charles has been so encouraging to me. The surprise proposal was carefully and meticulously planned by Charles, and it was so sweet to see how much time, love, thought, and joy he poured into preparing for the big day. Somehow, I was able to convince Donna without suspicion that I needed her to model for me in a portrait shoot to “boost my portfolio.” We planned to grab brunch before that, and while I was with Donna, Charles would be prepping the scene at Yorba Regional Park. Donna was already dolled up for the shoot which would prepare her for what was awaiting her later that day. She and Charles would meet up for their planned “belated Valentine’s Day picnic” after I said “goodbye” to Donna. The proposal consisted of Charles walking Donna to different stations with letters that stated a reason why Charles loved Donna. The rest is history!


















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xx, Kelsey.

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