Hello! Thanks for stopping by! This is my photography website where I will be posting recent pictures and projects of mine.

A little about me: I received my B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Leadership & Organizational Studies in the Fall of 2015, and recently completed my Master’s in Leadership Development! I am a lover of photography, music, fashion, art, bunnies, and boba. I am an intense foodie with a big heart for animals and those in need. My motto in life is to touch the world gently but leave deep footprints. All glory goes to God!

Special Needs: Because of my upbringing and job as an ABA therapist, I have grown a special place in my heart for families who have been touched by Autism and other Special Needs. I would love to talk more about how I’d love to connect my heart for disabilities with my passion for photography. Please contact me for more information!


For inquiries, email info@kelseycphotography.com

Location: Orange County/L.A. County


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