Hiya! I'm Kelsey.

A mental health therapist during the week and a professional photographer, foodie, calligrapher, animal-lover, and self-proclaimed boba connoisseur on weekends and all the moments in between! 

Ok, I’ll admit- I do bring a little “counselor” part of me from the week to create a comfortable and light-hearted atmosphere in photo sessions that feel organic and true to each unique relationship. Your job is simple – show up, be present and authentic, and enjoy the gift of life and presence with your loved ones! 🙂

Clients describe photoshoots with me as comfortable, easy-going, natural, and fun (YES!) My style and focus is capturing the essence of your relationships in their most genuine forms. THAT means: no awkward, stiff poses, posing checklists, uncomfortable positions, and forced smiles. I capture real, candid life and will work with you to create the images YOU envision! I want you to look back one day and be filled with the emotions from those special moments.

I, Kelsey, vow to be your new friend (and professional third wheel) who will be with you throughout the whole process. We will do late-night DIY projects together, receive dog therapy, and conquer those stressful moments (you know, the moments where you’re like “Why didn’t we just elope?”) I am super goofy (if you haven’t noticed), comical (I promise not in a cheesy way hehe), quirky, and truly passionate about spreading happiness.

Let’s book your proposal, engagement, wedding, micro wedding, family portraits, in-home sessions, and more!

*UPDATE: Inquire today about our photography/videography packages!

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