Michael & Bernice

“It’s crazy how processing photos also causes me to process myself.”

Going through the photos from Michael and Bernice’s Winter Formal shoot made me feel nostalgic of my high school days and all the wonderful memories I had at dances. I remember my favorite dance was going to the CHS prom as a youngin’ – I forget if I was a Freshman or Sophomore – with a group of friends from my youth group. And while everyone was gettin’ down and dirty on the dance floor, my friends and I were doing the Sprinkler, Shopping Cart, “Bump, Set, Spike” moves to “Down” by Jay Sean. One of the best nights of my life.

ANYWAYS, wow, back to Michael and Bernice, haha! Bernice is such a sweet and bubbly girl, and I thought her bright, vibrant, and playful dress was a perfect reflection of her personality. Michael was a bit shy and timid, but seeing Bernice and him interact made me smile because of how she manages to make him laugh and  bring him out of his shell.

Hope you enjoy the photos!





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xx, Kelsey.

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