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Mariah // Newborn

I am always ecstatic when it comes to newborn shoots. The excitement and love emanating from the parents is so beautiful to capture! These are the pictures that they get to look back at as they watch their child grow, and eventually, the child will look at the photos, too! What an honor and joy it is to be able to capture the beginning of life, the beginning of an amazing journey.

I’ve seen a lot of newborn shoots that are very posed and staged, with bending and manipulating the baby into uncomfortable and unnatural positions. My aim as a photographer is to capture the baby in the quiet and peaceful moments of rest or in the cute and playful moments when their eyes are open! Getting the yawns, the silly facial expressions, the stretching, the smiles, and even the cries – natural is natural! It’s also a ton of fun capturing the candid moments of interaction between the parents and the child – a playful poke here, a smooch there…. What’s not to love??

IMG_9605 IMG_9621 IMG_9632 IMG_9634 IMG_9636 IMG_9651 IMG_9664 IMG_9667 IMG_9668 IMG_9672 IMG_9683 IMG_9690 IMG_9693 IMG_9710-2 IMG_9713-2 IMG_9713-3 IMG_9713 IMG_9727 IMG_9732 IMG_9736 Untitled4 Untitled5 Untitled6

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