Caleb // Biola University

Hello, World!!

I know I’ve been MIA all summer, so I have a TON to catch up on! I’m in my last semester of undergrad, applying for grad school, and working part-time. Here are the pictures from Caleb’s graduation shoot!
IMG_6553 IMG_6557 IMG_6570

After snapping a few shots against this wall, we decided to head to the library for some creative poses:

IMG_6585-2 IMG_6586-2 IMG_6594 IMG_6599 IMG_6631 IMG_6639

If you know Caleb, you know he has a silly side and then a fashionable model side.

IMG_6644 IMG_6660 IMG_6672 IMG_6678-2 IMG_6678 IMG_6689 Caleb2 Caleb1

IMG_6745 IMG_6748

I am so incredibly proud of this guy! Next up is his senior shoot in downtown L.A. 🙂 Bear with me!

xx, Kelsey.

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