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One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is receiving Christmas cards from friends and family. The smiling faces, cute poses, and the shocking growth spurts… 🙂 I had the opportunity to do a family shoot with the Lo’s for their Christmas card, and I was so excited!!

For this shoot, I ended up taking over 1,500 pictures. I learned that you can never take enough pictures when you have energetic, silly boys running around, making silly faces, etc. When you get one looking at the camera, the other one is either blinking or not looking! One of my main goals as a photographer is to capture the essence, uniqueness, dynamic, and personality of the family/couple/individual I’m shooting. While “posed” shots are great, I like to capture people in their element. I tried to capture the boys’ energy, goofiness, and personalities. From the 1,500 pictures, we ended up with 250 awesome pictures. Check some of ’em out!

Naomi wanted a more rustic/woodsy feel, and she coordinated the perfect outfits for her family. How beautiful is the color combination??





If you know the Lo’s, you know how cute the 2 boys are. Seth is full of energy and life, and Chase is a charmer that will instantly melt your heart.


The great thing about this shoot was that I was able to have a Second Shooter for the first time! My wonderful boyfriend, Caleb, helped get different angles and perspectives of the Lo’s, and without a Second Shooter, I wouldn’t have been able to step away from the rest of the fam for a moment to see what Seth was up to! Seth saw a barren tree and decided to decorate it with leaves, much like a Christmas tree with leave ornaments! It was so cute how focused he was. He is so thoughtful.

Some precious moments with Dad…

Lo Boys

…and Mom 🙂


And back to some family shots!




And of course, Joe & Naomi <3

We were able to catch the sunset at the end of the shoot.

Chase should be a Gap Kids model…

…And then Seth found a hole! Hmm…I wonder who lives there?


Lovely family.

Love all around…


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all the families out there! Stay tuned for another family shoot soon~

xx, Kelsey.

Social Worker, Photographer, Foodie, Life-long Learner, Boba Connoisseur.

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