Jacqueline + Luke + Maggie

When I first met Jacqueline at FECC|Fullerton, I remember blushing when she complimented my singing and encouraged me as a worship leader. She is also one of the strongest women I know. She has an incredible story and a positive attitude that just captivates people. Not too long ago, I met her son, Luke! Luke is full of life and joy and love for his Momma. His endless energy, however, is no match for Maggie, their hyper dog!! I’m so blessed to have been able to do a family shoot for them. Jacqueline was the randomly selected winner of my Facebook contest 🙂

After playing around inside, we went out to the backyard to shoot some cute pictures of Jacqueline and Luke!

Then we headed to the park in the perfect weather.

Here are a few collages I made for my Facebook page!

jacquelineportraitsjacqueline kissreadingThanks to Jacqueline and Luke for such an awesome time! I made sure to snag a picture with both of them on the Sunday Jacqueline was baptized!!



Happy weekend, everybody!!

xx, Kelsey.


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