Josh & Stefanei

Where do I start?

This is the first photoshoot on the blog and my first engagement shoot – EVER! Josh and Stef were just perfect. You’ll never meet a more down-to-earth couple. Stef showed up with combat boots and the biggest smile, and I had to prohibit Josh from eating an otterpop because he was wearing a white dress shirt (which never happens!). They are quirky, fun-loving people who do everything for the Lord.




What struck me the most was Stef’s engagement ring – a simple gold band with engravings on the inside, referencing two Bible verses.



These two are a constant reminder to me that when all else fades away, love will remain. You could take away all their belongings and they would still be hand-in-hand praising God. This is one God-fearing couple.


To Josh & Stef:

I pray that God will continue to grow your love for one another as you grow closer to Him. Cherish each other in the good and the bad. When you go through trials, look to the cross. And know you have a community that loves and supports you no matter what!



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